Welcome to our new website. 

The Nordic-African Association is established to serve as a bridge between the Nordic countries and African nations in the areas of social - cultural / intellectual / economic and trade (S.C.I.E.T).

Nordic-African Association  is constantly working to improve and encourage more integration and collaboration on developmental initiatives and business opportunities between Africa nations and the Nordic countries and European continent as a whole.

Through seminars, bespoke training, workshops, sports related activities, cultural/art projects, international trade conferences  and consultancy, Nordic-Africa Association seeks to showcase opportunities and potentials, present channels for collaborative development, create the networking platform, and provide advice by a team of expertise from Nordic countries and Africa countries in socio-Cultural/ Intellectual/Economic and trade.

If you are looking for a collaborative platform and opportunities to navigate easily in Africa and Nordic countries, and certain or not certain of the expertise you need, this is the place to find help.

Please contact us.